Five Ways Alex Edler’s Goal Affected the Vancouver Canucks

“Alex Edler, My Goodness…”

This article was written immediately following the Minnesota Wild game, so to start, please allow me to say that that was embarrassing.

I was originally hesitant to write on this topic following Saturday’s game because one might jump to the conclusion that Alex Edler‘s Goal of the Year Candidate was a positive thing.

Au contraire mon frère et soeur; said goal was actually very negative. In fact, the only positive thing it did was give the Canucks a two goal lead at the time.

If you haven’t seen the goal; and I don’t know how that’s possible if you’re reading this; check it out NOW before reading onwards.

I call myself the eternal Canucks optimist and by no means does my negativity represent any loss of faith in this team to win hockey’s holy grail. However, when you barely squeak out a win vs. the last place team in the league and then are humiliated; yes, humiliated by the Minnesota Wild two night later, something is seriously wrong.

Nevermind the fact the Canucks were 4-4-2 in the previous 10 games before this cellar dweller weekend, this pair of games against bottom feeders were meant to be bounce back games. What do you call it; an opportunity to turn things around?

Here are the 5 ways Alex Edler’s goal has affected the Canucks:     

alex edler

He's got that swagger; "BOOM; I scored!" (Photo -

Gave Them a 3-1 Lead

Sure, that’s a positive thing right? Wrong!

Poised to run away with the game, the Canucks got cocky and sat back. Well as spectacular as Edler’s goal was, the Canucks’ sitting back was equally as much a fail. I know they won, but when you have a team on the ropes such as Columbus and you are such a team as the Vancouver Canucks, you have to put them away.

Make them swallow their own teeth. No one gives a crap if you feel these games don’t matter. They sure as hell do to all the paying fans who want to see wins.

Resume the Slumping

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone say the word slump, read the word slump in an article or write it myself in my own posts the last two weeks, I’d be a very rich man. You knew where I was going with that sentence after about 5 words but stick with me here.

Slump, slump, slump, slump, slump…the Canucks needs a kick in the rump. I’m talking about a steel toe right in the keester. That’s exactly why I suggested it would have been better for them to lose horribly to Columbus Saturday; not throw, but lose.

That goal was meant to be an ice-breaker; a slump-bumper; a suck-bucker if you will. Alas, it will go down as the goal which spelled the downfall of the Canucks down the stretch. I’m not saying it will carry on into the playoffs but who knows?

The same logic in reason 1 applies to reason 2. The Canucks got cocky and wasted an opportunity. This isn’t about playing down to the other team’s level; it’s about being too big headed to wrench that head out of their own butts and see the light that they have caring fans and not to mention freakin’ incentive to win during these last 10 games.

Alex Edler, the Scapegoat

If you do see eye to eye with me on this, then it’s safe to say should the Canucks fail down the stretch AND into the playoffs, Alex Edler could be looked at as one to blame.

Of course this is blasphemy, any idiot (ie. bandwagoner) would tell you that this team has lost as a team and there is no way you could blame it on the Canucks best (arguably) d-man this season.

For argument’s sake though, Edler’s Kevin Weekes’ Orgasm inducing goal could go down as one of the best and worst in Canucks franchise history for when the Canucks had an opportunity to seize the day and run back onto their own self-laid track, they let it slip away because they didn’t think it mattered at the time.

How sad?!

Oh the Nicknames

Okay, I lied; something positive can come out of this whole ordeal.

Alexander Edler

He's got that look in his eyes; and a mouthguard in his mouth.

As fans, we are constantly bombarded with the stale and obvious nicknames our Canucks have. Let’s list a few here: Kes, Burr, Hank, Danny, Mase, Higgy, Boothy and CoHo…oh wait….awkwaaard!

Anyhow, we can now call Edler, who has previously been known as Robo-Edler (semi-creative), Moses.

I’m not a religious man myself, but it’s fairly common knowledge that Moses parted the Red Sea before receiving something called the Ten Commandments. Of course as a reporter type, I am obliged to point out that Moses ALLEGEDLY parted the Red Sea.

Sadly, Alex will likely not live to the ripe old age of 120 such as Moses did but the point is that at least we have something other than [name+y] or [name/2] to call the NHL’s 4th highest scoring defenseman.

Did I Mention Bandwagoners?

I’m all for more people becoming Canucks fans; but there’s a catch in that statement.

“Becoming a Canucks fan,” does not mean being impressed by one goal because your boyfriend (or girlfriend) showed it to you and cheering for one game only to be disappointed by a loss in the context of a season you have no comprehension of and saying this team sucks.

Ya dig?

To all the naysayers out there, I feel your pain. This team is supposed to be exciting and for a stretch of about 5 seconds on Saturday night, we saw that long lost shimmer of hope for hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Should you be a naysayer of bandwagoning ilk, kiss my rear end and please, allow me to show you the front door.

This team may be underperforming and hardcore followers of this team may be frustrated, such as myself, but never will we give up on them.

Believe baby, this party’s just getting started.


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  • Moses parted the Red Sea to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He (much, much, later) walked down from Mt. Sanai with the two stones god had written the Ten Commandments on. Sorry, Catholic school doesn’t leave you quickly.

    Therefore, I move to call Edler the screaming Eagle, rather than Moses. Unless of course he scores another goal that leads Canucks fans out of bondage and into the promised land of Lord Stanley, then Moses stands.

  • I’m in a very weird place right now but I think I still believe that these games are meaningless and I think that seeing Edler’s goal is enough to take away from the Blue Jackets game.

    I think because I don’t know anymore.

  • I know we’re not really “the media” but if writing about these games for the past month has offered me any insight it’s that most of the anger in the media about the Canucks effort levels stems from the frustration of trying to cover the most meaningless month perhaps in franchise history in a 24/7 multimedia fishbowl.

    It’s a grind!

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