The Canucks ‘Green Man’ into the finals!

Green Man, Yellow Jacket?

Sully, one half of the Vancouver Canucks super fans the Green Men, has made it into the finals for ESPN’s inaugural Hall of Fans class.

He is joined in the finals by fans representing the Alabama Crimson Tide, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Golden State Warriors, Indiana Hoosiers, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia Eagles and Wisconsin Badgers.

Who Is He?

Sully and his partner Force first attended a Canucks game in 2009, as a onetime deal. 

But they kept it going; through the first playoff heartbreak against the Blackhawks, then becoming the Red Men for a short time during Canada’s gold medal winning run in 2010, followed by another heartbreak at the hands of Patrick Kane.

The 2011 season, like the Canucks, is when they really took off.  They travelled to Nashville for the second round series against the Predators (and scared Keith Urban, landing him on every Top 10 the next day), and even went to the hostile environment in Boston for the Stanley Cup Final.

They make you laugh, they’ll go anywhere for their team, and they know the game.

The Green Men are the ultimate super fans.

Green Men

Sully is a shoe-in for one of the spots in the ESPN Hall Of Fans.

The Opposition

There is Wisconsin Badger alum who got married at the 50-yard line during a Badger football game, who is the ultimate tailgate host.  There is a former Alabama woman’s soccer player turned woman’s softball enthusiast, and she acts like a mascot without the costume.

There is a Pro Football Hall of Fame ‘Hall of Fans’ inductee from 2002, who is the ultimate Baltimore Raven fan.  There is a victim of a horrific drunk driving accident, who survived a coma and 27 broken bones, and whose memory was triggered by a family member wearing Bills gear.

10 Finalists, 3 Winners…

Seven fans from their respective teams will have lost out on the inaugural class honor, and if it’s ‘Septer A’, the self-proclaimed biggest Golden State Warrior fan, it will be a feeling he knows too well.

In my opinion, Sully is a shoe-in for one of the spots, the only representative from a Canadian team or the NHL!

He (should) be joined by ‘Bart U’ the Bills super fan, and Larry H, who would be entering his second Hall of Fans.

Why You Should Vote For Sully

From the Hall of Fans official voting page:

“Since our inception, fans from around the world have donned the suits. They even attempt handstands from time to time. A trip to the Hall would be the sweet icing on our green spandex cake.”

You can find the rest of his speech and vote for Sully HERE!

In case the fact that he wears a green spandex suit to every Canucks game wasn’t convincing enough, check out some hilarious video clips of the Green Men’s antics!


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