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In Depth With The Stork

Cory Schneider just turned 26 years old in March so it’s not as if Eddie Lack has much hope of ever securing a starting role with the Vancouver Canucks if Schneids turns out to be the next or better version of Roberto Luongo.

This is something I’m certain that Eddie ‘The Stork’ Lack is well aware of and it’s something Vancouver fans need to be made aware of.

We’re all on the edge of our seats as the NHL and NHLPA play hot potato and meanwhile a 24 year old goaltending stud named Eddie Lack just wants to begin his NHL career.

canucks eddie lack

Part time with the Canucks, Part time juggler of pucks (Photo: Arlen Redekop/Vancouver Sun)

When he signed with Vancouver in April 2010, maybe he didn’t know what he was getting himself into behind the likes of Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo, but now his vision is clear; he wants to be a Vancouver Canuck and for now that’s what he will be.

That is, until he inevitably can’t resist any longer his desire to start in the NHL and either directly or indirectly demands a trade out of here because Schneider will just be too good to give up 6 or 7 years from now.

So I chatted with Mr. Lack about the impending lockout and how he feels about his future with the Vancouver Canucks.

Needless to say, the kid is excited.

The Lockout

There is still a lot that needs to happen before Eddie Lack becomes Cory’s right-hand man and that includes the trading of Roberto Luongo and then of course Lack beating out any competition at training camp, which there doesn’t seem to be much of at this point.

Oh yeah, there’s also the potential for an NHL lockout of the players. Happy happy joy joy!!!

One thing about Eddie Lack though is that he’s cool as a cucumber.

“A lockout is never good for anyone but I think both players and the NHL would keep most of their fans, at least that’s what I hope.”

He adds, “Right now I don’t think it would affect me that much because I can still play with the Wolves.

But of course, I’d rather see a full NHL season.

Luckily for Eddie, the NHL’s counter-counter-offer to the NHLPA Tuesday was a good starter for what could be a soon resolved contract dispute.

Lack has of course spent his summer vacation at one of his former homes, Leksand, Sweden with family and friends and says people in Sweden that he’s talked to anyways, “…are on the players’ side but they might just be saying that because they’re talking to me haha [sic].”

More on what he’s spent time doing in Leksand is further on in this article. It should be noted Lack is actually from Nortallje, Sweden and has probably spent a good chunk of time there as well.


Let’s throw out a few clichés.

“Look at the glass as if it’s half full.” “Your past does not have to be your future.” “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it.”

Eddie Lack personifies positivity. In fact, it absolutely oozes out of him.

Eddie says when it comes to ranking his re-signing with the Canucks, it’s way up there on his list of life achievements.

“That would be really high on my list. From the day I signed my first contract, my goal has been to sign a one-way deal. I’m really happy everything worked out because Vancouver is the organization I want to play in.”

Play for Vancouver: CHECK. Sign a one-way contract: CHECK. Play an NHL regular season game: SOON.

Lack’s new deal sees him play through a two-way first half of the contract and come 2013-14, he’s on a one-way trip to Van-City baby!

“I really like the whole organization. From the staff around the team to the fans and my team-mates, I’ve loved every minute of my time so far.”

An aside here as the fan part of me bleeds out; it’s hard to be completely positive for Eddie’s future here when we’ve seen precisely how Roberto Luongo has been “treated” as Lack so very well puts it.

How he is to be treated 3, 5, 7 or even 10 years from now as a member of this organization remains to be seen.

Regardless, I’m sure he will take it with a grain of salt.

What We Don’t Know

Back in February, Eddie and I had a very long chat. We talked about anything and everything from playing under Craig MacTavish to his friendship with Panthers goalie Jacob Markstrӧm to whether or not he’s been to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Well you can read that interview (twitterview) HERE, but in the meantime, I asked him to tell me three things we Canuckleheads PROBABLY still don’t know about him.

canucks eddie lack

Norway have their pants and Sweden have their shirts (Photo

He of course obliged and says, “I’m building a house next to my Dad in Leksand, Sweden, I hate onions and I’m not engaged anymore.”

Now hold your freakin’ horses ladies.

I too was shocked when he said that he’s no longer engaged as he seems to be a stand-up young man but being the nice and understanding guy that I am, I asked him if he actually wanted me to include that part.

Telling me it was fine and that, “Yeah, I better put it out there! Haha [sic],” I agreed to put it nicely.

He wants you to know he is NOT, I repeat NOT available.

Judging by his willingness to put it out there in a forum such as this one shows that he’s probably content with the fact and past it enough to not let it be a distraction in the months of hockey to come.

Something as serious as that, I would imagine most of us would take pretty hard so it’s just another testament to how mellow this guy is.

The onion thing I am going to assume is an issue he has with having had to wear so many layers in the frigid winters of Sweden growing up.

The house; well that’s just neat!

Style Points

Aside from being calm, cool  and collect 99% of the time, Eddie is also one sly son of a gun. He declined to tell me what his current weaknesses as a goaltender are while adding a wink face.

Now that is what I call a smart move.

He does however note some improvements:

“My game has gotten a  lot more simple since I got to North America. Before I was just out challenging shooters but now I trust myself a lot more to stay in my net. I can’t thank Rollie [Melanson] enough.”

When it comes to the shootout, confidence is one thing a goaltender needs and The Stork has just that:

“I usually feel very comfortable in the shootout. I struggled last year but the year before was great. However, I never changed anything about it. The trick is to wait the shooter out and let him make the first move. But sometimes the shooter just makes an unbelievable move or shot.”

Last season, Lack stopped 14 of 24 shots in the shootout for a SO% of .583 and a record of 2-3. The year before with Manitoba, he stopped 43 of 54 for a SO% of .796 and a record of 7-4. [1]

From here…

Eddie says he’s currently in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm making last minute preparations to return to North America. He says he just found out today (Wednesday) that he’ll be flying back to Vancouver on Tuesday, September 4th.

From there, it’s on to training camp, if there is one anyway.

The NHL and the Players’ Union have to get their you know what together for that to happen and as previously mentioned, it looks as if the chances of one getting done became a little larger the last couple days with the NHL’s latest offer.

eddie lack canucks

A picture Canucks fans get used to, Eddie Lack in Canuck Blue

Roberto Luongo’s fate was decided a few months ago when Cory Schneider got the start in Games 3, 4 and 5 against LA, but now two and a half weeks before when training camp would probably be, he still hasn’t made his departure, which is obviously no fault of his own.

If Bobby Lu should finally hit the road, that leaves Cory and Eddie as stoppers #1 and #2. Not to say that Eddie would “compete for” the #1 spot with Cory, but Cory would, for all intents and purposes, be Eddie’s only competition.

Eddie says, “I have a chance, I know that. I’m just trying to get as prepared for camp and we’ll see.”

See, we will and hopefully hockey, there will be.


Now there was no way I could do this interview without asking one ridiculous question and it actually comes from one of my most loyal followers and he is for sure a hard-core Canucks fan.

His handle is @LEETR71 and he wanted to ask Eddie if he will ever get on XBox Live and play Call of Duty.

Eddie laughs and says, “I’m gonna [sic] be on in about a month. I won’t release my gamer-tag but I’ll add anyone that wants to play.”

The guy might be smart but he’s just asking for a crap-load, yes a crap-load of work to do adding people.

For, I’m Josh Hall saying there WILL be hockey; oh yes, there will be hockey. Glass half full ya’ Canuckleheads!

Party on!


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