David Booth a healthy scratch. Insert…Andrew Alberts?

Booth was banished to the press box

There’s a good chance he’s still smiling.

Hey everyone, I used to blog here on the Vancouver Canucks a long time ago. Well,  long story short is that I’m back. Actually, it’s a short story and not entertaining or informative, so how about we just forget about it and pretend like I’ve been here the whole time?

Good? Great!

It’s a good thing hockey isn’t his passion, or else David Booth might be upset that he had to sit in the press box in Uniondale two nights ago.

In case you missed it or you didn’t read the title of this post (probably because you were so excited to see that I’m blogging here again), David Booth was a healthy scratch in favor of Andrew Alberts, master of the off the glass and out and dump and change.

Surprised? A little bit, but not really.

David Booth hasn’t exactly wowed people with his play this season, or last season or for parts of his first season with the Canucks.

Sure there have been flashes, but do those flashes hold anything with a new coach and a new system? Not likely.

He didn’t play two days ago, but he’s back in the lineup tonight.


It might not be easy to move Booth without retaining some of his contract

It might not be easy to move Booth without retaining some of his contract

As Jason Botchford of The Province points out, this may not be the first message sent to Booth by Tortorella.

“I will say this is not the first message for Booth. Not getting into the top six when you’re collecting $4.2 million is a slap. So is playing 10 minutes against the CBJs.

And if Tortorella believes he’s still not getting through, what choice was he left with?”

The choice he was left with was benching the consistently inconsistent winger in favor of the teams 7th defenseman, who prior to two nights ago had only suited up for one game and had a shade over 10 minutes in ice time.

Alberts being in the lineup as a forward did exactly what most people thought: nothing.

Where do they go from here?

It might not be easy to move Booth without retaining some of his contract; even if the Canucks do retain a portion of it, there is no guarantee they can move him.

Could they send him to the minors? Sure, they could, but what purpose does that serve? It doesn’t bury his contact, his cap hit is still on the books. He’s under produced, been plagued with injuries and despite his commitment to physical fitness, it would appear that he hasn’t been committed to his job.

But hey, it’s not his passion, can you really blame him?

I’m not quite sure what the team can do to get Booth going or IF they can get him going. I do know that a guy who is making $4.2 million dollars a season and being a bottom six player and a healthy scratch isn’t good for anyone.

That’s all from me tonight, folks. Hope you enjoyed this swear word free post.

Enjoy it, I can’t promise the next post won’t have any.


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