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Ok Next Game is the Breakout Game

I wrote in the preview for this game that this would be a defensive struggle and closer to 2-1 than 5-4 so uh there goes my expertise. The Canucks opponent doesn’t seem to matter these days, the games will feature tons of goals and even sloppy play  no matter who is in the road whites.

It’s so bad that some are beginning to wonder if the Canucks could use a road trip just a week after everyone was explaining that being at home after a long road trip was that this team needed.

Short of neutral site games, it seems that fans everywhere are simply out of explanations. Oh, these last 11 games are going to be a riot.

Also a riot?

My NHL Love Em/Hate Em for the Coyotes vs. Canucks game last night.

Love ‘Em

1. Burrgoals

Alex Burrows scored on his first shift away from the Sedins to send a clear message that he wasn’t the problem on that line. In fact, his “demotion” to the third line added an interesting wrinkle to the line-up.

A line with Burrows, a little bit of Jannik Hansen, and Sami Pahlsson is an interesting line indeed. It’s not unlike the line Pahlsson centred with Travis Moen and Rob Niedermayer in Anaheim during the Cup run.

Of course it does leave Mason Raymond with the Sedins, but what if Zack Kassian took that spot on the top line?

2. Kesler’s on Point

Another interesting experiment was Ryan Kesler on the point for the powerplay. Once again, it looked like it had potential and say what you will about this recent stretch but a chance to run a different looks with nothing on the line could pay dividends in April or May.

With Cody Hodgson shuffled off to Buffalo, the powerplay is still a work in progress heading into the playoffs.

Frankly, the idea of Kesler uncorking his wrister from the high slot on the powerplay makes a lot more sense than using him as a net presence, something Burrows is already so good at with the Sedins.

3. Congratulations Hank

With the assist on the Dan Hamhuis goal, Henrik Sedin not only actually got a point but he also moved past Trevor Linden for second in franchise scoring.

Sitting just 22 points back of Markus Naslund, it looks like barring a scoring surge, he’ll take over the franchise lead very early next year.

Thanks Brian Burke!

Hate ‘Em

1. Just About Everything In This Game

The theme of 2012 is frustration. The Canucks are winning frustratingly and losing frustratingly and playing frustratingly and…you get the picture.

Coyotes vs. Canucks

Love 'Em & Hate 'Em for the Coyotes vs. Canucks. We lost. Here's their Ice Girls! :)

These aren’t games so much as three hour migraines.

Only 11 left, only 11 left.

2. We’re Blaming Luongo?

Roberto Luongo, the most consistent Canuck all year, is all of a sudden being blamed for not playing at an impossible level when his teammates are phoning it in?

We all know Luongo is a fragile man, and maybe if we just laid off him we wouldn’t break his brain on a monthly basis. Can we do that and help him out?

3. The Quiet Crowds

Kevin Bieksa was on the Team 1040 yesterday lamenting the lack of noise from the home crowds.

Two thoughts here: first, duh. The general public couldn’t touch the lower bowl if their lives depended on it. Those tickets all belong to corporations and organizations who dole them out as perks for clients or coworkers who may or may not be diehard Canuck fans.

My roommate for instance got front row tickets to last night’s game because she’s a UBC Pharm student and a pharmaceutical company gave them to her and her boyfriend.

She’s never been to a game and I had to explain the background on who the Canucks were and who the Coyotes were.

Meanwhile, I somehow haven’t been to a single game this year because I’m too busy watching them and writing about them.

The second thought? What exactly do Canuck fans have to cheer about in these games?


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  • Couple things…

    Loved Kesler on the point with that one timer blast. He’s done that a few times successfully. Reminds me a little of Stamkos except Kesler is higher up obviously.

    Secondly, I totally hear you on the very last part about the people going to games because they were given tickets from some company and people like us have to explain crap to them. What a waste of a ticket. No wonder the stadium is quiet as frack.

  • Agreed on Kesler at the point, something needs to shake up the Canucks’ PP. I’ll play devil’s advocate on the tickets, though. Team popularity (and economic success) is heavily dependent on corporate support, if fans are going to be proud of the endless sellout list then they have to swallow their pride and deal with the quiet corporate crowd in the lower bowl. 

    • I realize the economic reality but I have a problem with systems that aren’t rigged to MY advantage obv

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