The 2012 Cory Schneider watch is on…Canucks vs. Bruins

Will Schneids be moved?

As the Vancouver Canucks well anticipated weekend match-up approaches rapidly, with the early bird special time on Saturday morning, the team’s fans and media followers are excitedly pondering the implications of the first contest between the two teams since last year’s dramatic Stanley Cup finale.

A great deal of Canuck fans see this game as everything from a symbolic chance for revenge to a snapshot measure of Vancouver’s progress since that the disappointing loss to the evil satanic Bruins.

Another loss on Saturday would likely send a significant proportion of the Canucks supporters into an even deeper downward shame spiral.

From reading much of the hand wringing posts on team fan sites, it is very apparent that the dreary rain in Van city is not the only thing that could put nooses, loaded guns or bathtub bound toasters into the waiting hands of clinically depressed ‘Nucks fans.

The calls would undoubtedly also ring out for GM Mike Gillis to shake up the team immediately should Boston come out on top again.

In some quarters recently, a host of observers are already speculating whether Cory Schneider will be shopped before the playoffs, and what could be obtained for him, as Luongo’s contract is almost certainly much too difficult to navigate into a swap.

Some of the names floating out there in exchange include Bobby Ryan from the Ducks, Rick Nash of the Blue Jackets, and a host of other possible or fantastical options. (DID you hear about the Cory Perry to the Canucks rumor last night?)

Adding to the rumor stew is the pronouncement that Schneider will start against the Bruins Saturday.

Cory Schneider

Coach Vigneault (AV) is likely using this start as more of an opportunity for him to play in his home state.

Coach Vigneault (AV) is likely using this start as more of an opportunity for him to play in his home state, rather than a means to shield Luongo from another poor performance in Beantown.

However, this is also a showcase for the redhead wonder that could ratchet up his value. It will be fascinating to see how the game goes.

The arguments are powerful in both directions.

Schneider could bring in a lot in a direct trade, or as part of a package, provided the price in dollars and team chemistry is not too high.

On the other hand, there is much to consider in keeping him in the fold throughout the playoffs as a very valuable insurance policy should Lou get hurt, or have a post-season meltdown.

Vancouver is in the midst of its own Golden Era and the loss of such a well-loved and talented teammate could prove fatal to their chances in this prime run of form.

Rest assured that Gillis and AV will have most definitely consulted with one another on the many implications of this game, and the use of Schneids as a starter.

The Canucks GM has proven his ability many times already, but his choice over what to do with the redheaded saviour ranks as the most important move of his tenure in Vancouver.

Canucks fans are breathlessly waiting Saturday’s outcome and what is to come later, but whatever you do, stay away from the pills.

Tune in to my blog page tomorrow to see where Gillis ranks in terms of Vancouver’s best ever GMs.


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  • Whatever happens tomorrow, let’s just hope Luongo doesn’t have to go in or the game is a write-off at that point.

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