ICYMI…Canucks get blown out, check that, lose close game to Sharks


For about 30 minutes, things were back to normal. The Canucks and Sharks were locked in a tight scoreless game.

And then we were back in Edmonton.

Credit the Canucks for clawing it back into a one-goal game, but these past two games have exposed the fatal flaws of the team.

Their margin for winning is so thin they need to bottle the game and hope for some breaks. Unfortunately, their defensive coverage has a habit of imploding and the Canucks don’t have the firepower to come back.

Let’s see what Gillis does today and tomorrow.

Love ‘Em

1. Jensen’s debut

The Dane didn’t look bad in his first NHL game. Alongside the Sedins, he played functional hockey and racked up over 15 minutes of ice time.

He’ll be something to watch in a few years.

2. The Burrows line

Between the two goals and Alex Burrows being proficient in the faceoff circle, the line he centred with Jannik Hansen and Chris Higgins was easily the Canucks most effective on the night.

The only thing worse than the league's worst powerplay is not having any chances at all

The only thing worse than the league’s worst powerplay is not having any chances at all

It’s been surprising how well both Burrows and Mason Raymond have adapted to playing centre this year, but the Canucks really can’t be relying on them come playoff time.

3. Kesler will be back soon

In about a week, according to reports. This team needs him, badly.

Hopefully he stays healthy this time.

Hate ‘Em

1. No powerplays

The only thing worse than the league’s worst powerplay is not having any chances at all for the second time in three games.

At least give us a chance to be disappointed.

2. Those three goals

Again. Two on two shots, again. Maybe the Luongo meltdowns weren’t Luongo’s fault? Maybe the problem was with the other five skaters on the ice.

In a year when the Canucks top four defensemen have been average to underwhelming, someone needs to step up on that blueline and be a rock.

3. The Sedins

Collectively this season, they’re slumping.

When’s the last time they’ve scored a goal that grabbed you from your seat?

They’re taking the full brunt of opposition defencemen with Ryan Kesler out, and they don’t seem to have the jump to overcome it.

Trade Deadline Update

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Here’s the first Canucks trade. New just broke less than 30 minutes ago.

We’ll have more updates up on our Canucks blog shortly.

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