Montreal Canadiens vs. Canucks blog: love ’em & hate ‘em

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The dog days of March are here. The Vancouver Canucks have nothing left to play for in a division long since wrapped up, and the prospect of another long, punishing playoff run as seen the effort levels lately drop to a more manageable peak.

It’s a tad disappointing to see these losses, but who will really remember these games once the playoffs start?

On to the Love ‘Em/Hate ‘Em for the Canadiens vs. Vancouver Canucks.

Love ‘Em

1. Mr Kesler

The competitive juices in Ryan Kesler are impossible to turn off which is why the centre has been the best Canuck of late, and possibly playing the best hockey of his season.

Energized by the superb play of his wingers, Kesler is scoring again in a welcome sight for any Canuck fan who wondered just how big of an aberration his career year was last year.

You could even say his line is the de facto first line right now.

2. Brain Crampoli

Chris Campoli has a special place in Alex Burrows‘ heart as evidenced by an animosity on the ice Burrows usually reserves for Shane O’Brien.

The two players who participated in the most memorable session of catch in Canucks history were going at each other all night, culminating in a third period tussle that saw Burrows steal Campoli’s glove on the way to the box.

Still, Montreal is used to players like Ryan O’Byrne stealing purses, so this was a step up for them.


Finally, Zack Kassian fought a man for our drunken amusement. Even better it was with Brad Staubitz the former Minnesota Wildian and the lesser bitz to Byron.

The fight was fairly even but who cares? Kassian fought!

If the Canucks face the Canadiens in the finals and Staubitz is a factor, they’re totally totally set.

Also the Canucks have now officially won the Hodgson trade.

Carey Price Canadiens

Nice game hometown boy! - (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

Hate ‘Em

1. Dude Where’s Your Twins?

A couple weeks ago, a weekend set with struggling Canadian teams re-energized the Sedins for all of about just those games.

This weekend, a struggling Canadien team still managed to neutralize the slumping stars.

Am I saying it’s time for everyone to panic?

Yes, yes I am.

2. Hey P.K.

Hey P.K. I really want to be a fan of yours but you need to stop with the stupid stuff and going after guys like Henrik.

I understand the frustration of being  a young talent on a floundering team, but channel into something productive. Start doing watercolour painting on the bench. Channel that Bob Ross.

3. Stupid Smarch

Finally, like the Canucks, wake up when the season ends.

While the Canucks have played a ton of hockey in the past eighteen months, similarly I have watched a ton of hockey in that time span, and frankly my interest level for these March doldrum games matches that of the Canucks.

It’s all about the Stanley Cup this year, and a few losses in March doesn’t change that.

The Canucks are 4-4-2 in their last ten. The Bruins are 4-5-1, the Rangers are 4-4-2, the Red Wings are 4-5-1. It’s just whatever.


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