Game 66 Sabres vs. Canucks: Let Gillis Have It

“Cody was something special…”

The conversation has been divided; as it usually is about anything in Canucks Nation.

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Resistance is Futile, so why do I resist?

Would you cheer if Cody Hodgson scored Saturday night? The guys on TEAM1040 kicked it around this morning with Jason Botchford saying you aren’t a true fan if you cheer for a Hodgson goal.

I have nothing against Jason Botchford; in fact, I absolutely love his writing in the Province and usually whatever he has to say on TEAM. However, his remarks today have inspired my game preview for Saturday night’s matchup between the Canucks and Sabres.

A caller was heard on Scott Rintoul’s show this morning (the same one with @BotchOnCanucks) bringing up the ‘Heart of a Canuck’ motto that’s been shoved down our throats this season.

Don’t get me wrong; I think that campaign is genius and it has allowed the fans to get to know the players on a more intimate level.

Anyways, this caller was basically talking about how we all fell in love with Cody, not only because he was having an exceptional season but also because he displays most, if not all the characteristics of someone with the heart of a Canuck.

So now he’s a Sabre. Does that mean his heart now has yellow trim instead of green and we have to hate on him?

Jason Botchford also threw out the phrase, “Team before player.”

99% of the time, I will agree with that whole-heartedly.

This 1% though is rearing its ugly head Saturday night. Yes, there is an exception to EVERY rule. Oh and I say ugly because of how controversial it is.

I am one who believes Cody Hodgson did NOT ask for a trade and for that reason, I have not turned on him. He was my favourite player and that fact is not getting in the way of my true opinion here.

Now I should say before I go on any further that I am happy for the kid. He’s going to get more ice time and that’s action he deserves. I just believe there are better routes Gillis could have gone to fill that void of grit and toughness.

However, I completely disagree with this trade and at the same time I will give Gillis credit. He has seldom led this team down the wrong path. In fact, he may be the greatest GM in Canucks history. Key word: MAY.

My point being is that as much as I hate this trade for facts other than Cody being my favourite player, there is nothing I can do to bring him back.

There is one thing I can do though and that is letting management know how ticked off I am.

I can’t do that via twitter because Mike Gillis uses his twitter account less than Paul Bissonnette gets ice-time.

I CAN do this by cheering as loudly as I can for a Cody Hodgson goal Saturday night.

Just look at what’s happening in Toronto right now. During the game versus Chicago the other night, Leafs fans were chanting, “Fire Wilson.”

What happens Friday night? Brian Burke fires Wilson.

I’m not saying that Canucks fans cheering for a Cody Hodgson goal will get Gillis fired or SHOULD get Gillis fired, but he deserves to hear the voice of the people. Maybe that voice only represents 25%, 33% or 50% of the people, but I KNOW it’s a large portion.

The players take all the flak in this city when they don’t perform well and rightly so. Meanwhile, Mike Gillis is hiding in his war room and not facing the music save a cameo in Phoenix to explain his trades on Trade Deadline day.

So when the Canucks face the Sabres Saturday night at Rogers Arena and my pick for Rookie of the Season comes out on the ice and scores, regardless of the score at the time, I implore you, if you were a Hodgson fan; if you made that emotional connection; if you saw Linden-like leadership characteristics; if you saw a budding NHL super-star; to cheer for that goal.

cody hodgson sabres

#19 - Cody Hodgson

Let Mike Gillis know you see Cam Neely in Buffalo right now.

Let him know he’s made a mistake and even though there’s no bringing Cody back, he deserves the flak he gets.

Oh and allow me to clarify.

This has absolutely nothing to do with and is nothing personal against Zack Kassian.

My reaction on Trade Deadline day when they announced the Canucks had acquired Kassian was that of excitement because I am aware of his prowess and potential.

When Bob McKenzie said, “Cody Hodgson is a Buffalo Sabre,” I said AWWW HELL NAAAH!

Even Thursday night, The Moj is on the TEAM1040 talking about how Kassian could be the biggest bargain in a couple years as he will still be under contract making 800K and change while Cody is an FA and demanding more money.


EVEN after Elliott Pap’s grilling of Cody, I believe we have to give Cody the benefit of the doubt when it comes to speculation about whether or not he asked for a trade out of VanCity.

Zack Kassian does have so much upside to him and I believe he can be the player everyone is propping him up to be; a Milan Lucic; a Todd Bertuzzi; a Brendan Shanahan.

Cody was something special though and cheering for a goal he scores Saturday does not take away the TRUE CANUCKS FANDOM of any person.

BEST BET TO WIN: Vancouver Canucks

Looking for some matchup and statistical insight on Saturday nights game click here.

Our Managing Editor “Q” also provides a gameday preview, that is here. (Will be up Saturday AM if its not up now) Check it out!

Puck drop is at 7PM on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada and TEAM1040 Radio.


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  • Great sentiment and passion, I like it! 

  • NWSportsBeat

    Its a great read.

    I disagree with it 100%, but I get Josh’s point. 

    As the editor of this here website I wasn’t about to stand in the way of letting Josh have a platform. 

    There’s a % of Canucks fans out there that agree 100% with this. 

    They need a voice too.  

    •  I fully advocate trading Josh to

      • NWSportsBeat

        I’ll see if I can throw in a jockstrap or two

  • I agree with Josh, Canucks fans should applaud Cody Hodgson for his play on Saturday, but not in protest on Mike Gillis and the trade, but rather in praise of a talented hockey player. Too often the fanbase of one team or another isn’t willing to admit the talent of their opposition, so I’ll happily cheer for Hodgson. This may also come easier given my disagreement over the merit of the trade with the Sabres, if Gragnani is the steal I think he is, the Canucks could easily win the deal. Time will tell.

  • NWSportsBeat

    Guys I’m 39. Been a #Canucks fan a lot longer than you guys. Noone felt the Linden trade-sting more than me…I was in Grade 11 when Canucks drafted him. I grew up with him. I’ve named my first born kid after him (middle name. lol) – Having said that I did not cheer for Linden when he played against the Canucks.
    I did cheer HUGE when he came back to Van of course. This is biz. Hockey is a biz. Team comes first. I don’t agree with cheering for Cody if he scores against us. That’s wrong to me. 

    But Josh has that right…I guess. 

    His article though I disagree with it is well written, and passionate. I don’t fault him for that. Just feel his head isn’t quite in the right place. 

    I respect the fact that the kids these days loved Cody like I loved Trev in the 90’s, but still…. did that clear anything up? LOL. 

    Gillis did what he felt was BEST for the #Canucks organization. I don’t fault him for that 1 bit.

    We won’t know who “WON” this trade for a few years, but I for one will support Kass and Marc-Andre, and hope their careers flourish here. 

    Being that I don’t give a rats ASS about Buffalo I probably won’t EVER look at COHO’s stats again. Unless of course he’s in the hall of fame one day and I’m curious to see how he did.

    He’s gone. I’m over it.

  • 12323232

    The player NEVER comes before the team. Hodgson was trouble and thank god he’s gone.

  • Riley Trottier

    I’m STILL on the fence. Basically I need to see a Cup or else Gillis should be fired. There is no middle ground.

    • Cup this year or AV is fired. Cup next year or MG is fired.

      • NWSportsBeat

        You two are sniffing glue. AV does not get fired this year if the canucks do not win the cup. This is a 3-4 more years window. Why would you brake that up to start over again? I don’t get it. If the players love the coach, and there’s front office harmony at all levels then you stand pat, and take another run at it. Cmon guys pull your heads out of your derrieres.

        • Maybe you’re right but maybe Gillis gives the players a kick in the pants by supplying a new coach. Reality check pretty much.

      • This seems rather reactionary. Mike Gillis is going nowhere.

        AV….the only thing I’ll say about AV is that Gallagher has hinted that now that AV has exactly the team he wants, the expectations are rather high from the front office (i.e. cup or bust).  Take that with a large grain of sniffable glue but he was right about the rift with Hodgson and ice time….

  • Mikeritzker

    Rediculous argument. Want a team by fan commitee? Hello crap team. No fan cheers the opposing team, unless the team is this idiotic team by fan favourite sentimentality. Let the bloggers select the team. Hello much halitosis and obesity. Hodgson needed to go, for reasons we will perhaps never know, but I kept noticing him turning pucks over in the defensive and neutral zone resulting in offensive pressure against our team. Why don’t you cheer for that?

    • I never said I was cheering for the Sabres to win. I said I was cheering for Hodgson to do well and there is a difference. Yes, a goal by him would be for his team but that’s still not the same thing.

      Honestly, I don’t know where you get this “Cody is irresponsible defensively.” He was a +8 this season with the Canucks. You don’t get to be +8 if you suck on defense.

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