Yes! It’s come to this…The Boston Bruins On TV

There Will Be No Emmy Noms!

We all hate the Bruins here in Vancouver; so why not mock them by comparing them to TV Show characters?

Here’s the 5 Best with a little help from some Tweeps.

Zdeno Chara – Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond

Pretty simple one here; both are giants. I guess we can call Johnny Boychuk his brother Ray.

Bruins TV Show

Chara = Garrett

Now isn’t that ironic?

Now just imagine Chara was also a cop and he was deployed during the riots back in June.

There’d be some major chin-touching going on after that decision.

Tim Thomas – Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Obviously Timmy Thomas isn’t a dumb fat guy; but doesn’t he give off that aura?

Bruins TV Show

Thomas = Griffin

Maybe it’s his stupid helmet that looks like a drunken clam sitting on his head.

But you know what really grinds my gears?


Brad Marchand – Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants

Wiki says Squidward is, “an ill-tempered, grouchy octopus with a large nose and a rather snobby attitude.” First of all; yes ill-tempered is correct.

He can’t stop poking at Burrows if he wanted to.

Bruins TV Show

Squidward = Brad Marchand

Grouchy Octopus; yes he’s got one tentacle for each time he’s punched a Sedin in the face.

Large Nose; YUP!

Finally we have a snobby attitude.

He’s pretty much snobbier than a Yaletowner with a Chihuahua.

Thanks to @AlexLovesBurrs for the matchup.

Tyler Seguin is Fred Savage of The Wonder Years fame

You have to hand it to Tyler Seguin. In only his 2nd season, he leads the Stanley Cup Champs in scoring with 36 points in 36 games.

Bruins TV Show

Fred Savage = Tyler Seguin

He really is enjoying his wonder years.

Anyone remember Dinosaurs? Well Savage’s first recorded performance was in an episode of Dinosaurs. Much like Savage, Seguin spent his first season playing with one; Mark Recchi.

I sadly could not find any proof that Seguin has any facial moooooooley moooley moles.

Thanks to @RJHenderson7 for the matchup.

Milan Lucic is Bluto from Popeye

If the Canucks are Popeye; the good guy, then Lucic is the traitor; the one who tries to kidnap the Canucks’ girlfriend, Bluto.

Bruins TV Show

Bluto = Milan Lucic

They get into scuffles all the time and often Popeye wins but the odd time, so does Bluto.

In addition, Bluto would sometimes go by different aliases such as ‘Pierre Bluto’ to trick his foe.

It’s kind of like how Milan Lucic will always pretend to still be a Vancouverite.

Anyhow, I guess this means all the Canucks have to do to shut him down Saturday is eat some spinach prior to puck drop.

Thanks to @_ellienuck_ for the matchup.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: AV just announced Schneider will start tomorrow. I guess he disagreed with Kevin and I.

Vancouver at Boston
Jan 7th – 1o:00 AM PT


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