Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Canucks blog: love ’em & hate ‘em


Hey a win!

It wasn’t particularly pretty, but the Vancouver Canucks avoided a fifth loss in six games by coming out on top over the Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday night.

The Canucks will take the two points and stuff them in their back pocket before heading out on the road this week for the final time this year.

The Canucks magic number meanwhile is now down to 11. That isn’t to clinch the division or the conference or anything but the games left until the playoffs finally start.

On to the Love Em/Hate Em for the Blue Jackets  vs. Canucks.

Love ‘Em

1. Coast to Coast Edler

The play of the night, and perhaps the Canucks goal of the year, came from Alex Edler who casually went end-to-end without breaking a sweat or even trying.

The Columbus defence parted like the red sea and phoned it in with the intensity of a wet piece of bread.

Edler’s motivation on the goal meanwhile was simple: if he scores, the powerplay is over and he gets to take a nap on the bench.

2. DJ Booth

David Booth continued his hot hand on the second line with his fourth goal in six games as the second line once again showed up to play.

Booth may be a bit of a one-dimensional player but when that dimension is goal-scoring it makes him a very valuable asset.

He’s certainly a better use of $4.5 mill than Keith Ballard (remember him?)

3. Hey Brother

Meanwhile the Sedins bounced back with two goals from Daniel Sedin in a bid to retain first line status on the team. Even better, one came on the powerplay.

Obviously a few goals against Columbus isn’t going to erase all those other games they were blanked it, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’ve been told not to look a gift horse in the mouth, or any type of horse for that matter.

In fact, I’ve been told poking around in horse’s mouths is what got Luck cancelled.

Canucks Hotties

When We Win You Win! Blue Jackets vs. Canucks blog: love ’em & hate ‘em

Hate ‘Em

1. Free Passes

I’m not saying, I’m just saying but if Roberto Luongo let in the goals Cory Schneider did tonight, especially the first one, we’d be hearing it a bit more.

Cory gets the benefit of doubt where Roberto doesn’t. That shouldn’t be surprising. It’s also why all those who believe Luongo needs to be pushed off the Burrard Street Bridge would turn their venom on Cory Schneider faster than the backlash against new Coke.

Good luck finding a goalie that isn’t human.

2. Really Steve Mason?

If you’re looking for an explanation for Steve Mason’s incredible drop-off since catching fire as a rookie, it was revealed this week that Mason’s equipment was smaller than the max allowable because he had no idea form-fitting pads were a thing. What?

How do you become an NHL starter and not know a thing about the equipment options you have? Even worse, his new glove probably helped him deny Zack Kassian on his breakaway.

The Blue Jackets just keep getting stranger and stranger…

3. Heart of Oake

Really creepy After Hours last night where Scott Oake brought up the infamous Chris Higgins ab shot not once but twice to his guest Chris Higgins.

I can understand grilling Ryan Kesler over his photo but the Higgins shot wasn’t exactly from a photo shoot and isn’t even recent.

In fact, Oake’s mention was the first time it’s been even remotely on the radar of Canucks Nation in about half a dozen weekes.

But hey it’s Scott Oake so why would you expect anything different? To borrow one of many awkward Kevin Weekes lines on the night, when Scott Oake is talking hockey “the physical temperature rises”.


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