What the Canucks mean to British Columbians province-wide

Why the Blue and Green matter so much

Canucks Hockey is back! If you didn’t already know this, get out from under that mammoth of a rock and celebrate! It’s fairly obvious most of Canada was patiently waiting for the NHL lockout to be resolved.

It was the opening segment every day on TSN, and sports channels even began replaying virtually any old game they could obtain the rights to air.

We love the game!

It’s a fact, Canadians are hockey crazy, but there are certain parts of the country that stand out above the crowd.

Certain teams just mean so much more to their loyal followers than others.

Vancouver is a hockey city, which is impressive in itself due to the multicultural landscape of the region. But when people move there, it’s like a switch is almost immediately flipped, and boom, they are hardcore Canucks fans.

Having spent much of my life down around Van City, I understand the craze. I’ve been there, seen it, and felt it. But since moving away from the area and into another part of British Columbia, something interesting caught me off guard.

People outside of the Greater Vancouver Area are even crazier Canucks fans. People from every part of the province are linked through this team, as if it were each of our town’s local homegrown squad.

canucks fans

The province of BC’s fans collectively owns this team…

It’s a sense of ownership and even responsibility at times. When the Canucks are playing, you usually want to watch, but you always feel that you have to watch.

It’s like it is a civic duty to tune in 82 times a year.

Hockey is that magic ‘thing’ us Canadians have.

It is our cultural glue. We all might disagree on political issues or world issues or the state of the economy, but we can all say in unity that we love our hockey. It is also ironic that the thing that brings us the closest together segregates us geographically.

This of course isn’t a new idea or concept. It’s pretty simple, you root for the home team. And in this case, the entire province roots very, very hard for Vancouver.

There are always exceptions to this, like the idiots who just want to go against the grain and be ‘different’. Those are the same guys who either admit they don’t really care for Calgary or else partake in a good number of bar fights.

You’ll never see enough of them to confuse you as to which province you are in, especially at playoff time, which thankfully is a regularity here in B.C. Drive five minutes down the street in almost any town in B.C. during a Canucks post-season run and count the car flags sporting the ‘C’ or ‘Johnny Canuck’.

If you are from here you are just used to it, and if you are just visiting you are sure to be impressed by the province-wide pride this club evokes.

Saturday night will be the busiest night of the year thus far at pubs across the land.

Watch your Canucks take on the Ducks at 7:00 PST.

Go Nucks!


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