Colorado Avalanche vs. Canucks: Vancouver boy nets the game winner!

Love ’em & Hate ’em


True to my prediction, the Colorado Avalanche were exactly what the Canucks needed.

The Avs put up a good fight early, but missing both Ryan O’Reilly and Gabriel Landeskog makes for a top destined for a lottery pick.

The Canucks, then, did exactly what they had to do. Once Jason Garrison let one dip through Sergei Varlamov, the game was over.

This was the shower game to wash off the stink last weekend. Too bad it also complicated the goaltending picture a bit.

Love ‘Em

1. Mr. Garrison gets on board

There were creeping voices of discontent circling Jason Garrison after he had the same cement legs the rest of the Canucks had while Sami Salo was having a fantastic start in Tampa Bay.

His first goal of the season, and point, wasn’t quite the slapshot he advertised but it was sneaky enough to fool Varlamov and put the Canucks up for good.

It’s still quite early in Garrison’s tenure and it’s difficult to tell what exactly he’ll bring to the Canucks on a consistent basis, but right now the team is struggling on the powerplay and he had a lot of powerplay goals in Florida last year.

Seems like a he could be a fit.

2. Ka55ian

And Zack Kassian keeps on ticking.

Zack Attack picked up another powerplay goal by using the tried and true method of putting your stick on the ice and going to the net when playing with the Sedins.

His fifth goal puts him in a logjam tie for second after Patrick Marleau and his absolutely insane pace.

Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo pitched a shutout.

3. Luon-don’tgo

Playing his second straight game, Roberto Luongo pitched a shutout. Cue the trade value, and cue the debate. If Alain Vigneault is content with riding the hot goalie over the “starter” Cory Schneider, has anything really changed in the crease?

Hate ‘Em

1. We’re going to turn this into a goaltending controversy

Check out the second line of Botchford’s story on the game.

Here we go guys!

In an ideal world, Gillis would do what he’s doing. Hold on to Luongo for a fair price until eventually a team snaps and pays it.

Unfortunately, the nature of this town means that every time one goalie has a good game, the other will be on the hot seat. It could become a major distraction because it’s easy to make it one.

There’s going to be a lot of uncertainty until this is settled.

2. Poor Alex

There was a time when Alex Burrows was the third twin, playing on the top line and getting all the love Zack Kassian is getting. Now he’s been forced into a position he doesn’t play, and playing under 14 minutes a game.

I bet he misses Ryan Kesler the most.

3. Poor Alex

And Alex Edler has disappeared into the mist again after scoring twice in the first two games of the season.

The $5 million man is, as always, a crucial piece to the Canucks success.

When he plays like the top 10 defenceman in the league that he can be, the Canucks are nearly unstoppable.

We just need to figure out how to motivate him.


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