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Almost a week ago, Henrik Sedin made a curious comment about not wanting to win games by three or four goals because of the expectations it creates. #1stplaceproblems

Since then, the Canucks have taken his comment to heart by grinding out a pair of 1-0 wins this week that resembled their wins in the Stanley Cup Finals.

It appears in order to catch the St Louis Blues you must first become the St Louis Blues.

It also appears in order to segue to the Love Em/Hate Em, I must first write the segue.

Love ‘Em

1. Schnuuuuuuuu

Cory Schneider was so good last night that you could take the video of the highlights, stick a horrible modern rock song over it, and upload it to Youtube as a Schneider tribute video.

Cory’s 43 save performance gives him the outstanding stat-line of a 1.97 GAA, .937 save pct, and three shutouts in 30 appearances this year.

What’s more amazing is that he’s able to maintain this performance level despite going as long as weeks between starts. His ability to be consistently fresh coming off the bench is a very desirable advantage should a youknowwho pull a certain youknowwhat in the playoffs…

2. Higgins Embiggens

Speaking of consistent Canucks, Chris Higgins appears to be back in his fine early season form before his case of Elephantiasis threw him off track.

Canucks Cleavage

When We Win...You Win! Colorado Avalanche vs. Canucks Blog: Love’ Em & Hate’ Em

His shorthanded game-winner was just more of the same for the hardest-working Canuck. Check out also his hustle to negate an icing call late in the game and prevent a choice offensive zone draw for the Avs.

Not bad for a guy who about 14 months ago was nothing more than a throw-in for Scott Gomez.

3. Uh, Don’t Mess with Booth

Just ask Mark Oliver who was on the receiving end of a beatdown by David Booth in Booth’s second career fight.

After the game, Booth made some comments about needing to stand up for teammates (Oliver earlier this year hit Chris Tanev and briefly injured him) and needing to stop letting teams push the Canucks around.

Is this where I float the idea that the Daniel Sedin injury could actually be a huge blessing in disguise for providing this team with motivation and anger?

Hate ‘Em

1. Avs Fans

Wait, actually I love this.

2. Razor Thin Margins of Error

Despite what Henrik says, the nice thing about winning by three or four is that you win comfortably and it can’t backfire.

Winning games 1-0 however can lead to that. Now I’m sure the Canucks aren’t purposely scoring one goal and playing for the shutout but it’s happening, and eventually it will backfire and they might not be in the regular season anymore when that happens.

Besides, I have expectations.

3. Powerless Play

Maybe all this team toughness talk from the Canucks is occurring because their previous method of turning the other cheek is useless with a useless powerplay.

Thank god the Canucks have figured it out defence now, but let’s go ahead and figure out the powerplay too.

Say three or four powerplay goals a game?



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