*My* five all time worst Vancouver Canucks deals

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Last night marked the return of Zack Kassian to Buffalo, a city in which the young forward played his first 27 games before being shipped off to the Canucks.

Unfortunately for Kassian, a player the Canucks brass thought to be their future at right wing, things haven’t turned out as planned.

On the flip side, Cody Hodgson, a centre, which the Canucks so desperately still need, is leading the Sabers in scoring early in the 2013-14 season. 

With the Vancouver sports radio shows blowing up with reference to what could have been a colossal mistake, let’s take a quick trip through memory lane of the worst trades in Vancouver hockey history.

1) Cam Neely and a 1st round pick to Boston for Barry Pederson.

When any trade is made and has the slightest chance of being lopsided, this trade is often referenced.  As we all know, Neely would go on to tally 50 goals three times AND put together a career worthy of a spot in the HOF.

The pick?

Well that turned into Glen Wesley, who put up a pretty solid career of his own for the Bruins.

As far as Pederson’s time in Vancouver, well sometimes things are better left unsaid.

2) Cory Schneider to New Jersey for the 9th pick in the 2013 draft

No offense to Bo Horvat who could possibly turn into something down the road, but if the Canucks window for playoff success is within the next two years, he doesn’t help achieve that goal.

Trading someone like Linden for McCabe and his hair just isn't right....

Trading someone like Linden for McCabe and his hair just isn’t right….

Trading your number one netminder for an unproven commodity, while retaining a visibly unhappy Roberto Luongo makes about as much sense as the downtown bike lanes.

3) Trevor Linden to the NY Islanders for Bryan McCabe, Todd Bertuzzi and a 3rd round draft pick.

Ok yes “Bert” did go on to have a run of four solid seasons with the Canucks and we will put aside the whole “incident”, but trading someone like Linden, who meant more to the organization and the city than just the points on the ice is something that you just don’t do….well unless you are the BC Lions (see Geroy Simon).

4) TIE – Dave Babych to the Philadelphia Flyers for a 3rd round pick / Harold Snepsts to the Minnesota North Stars for Al MacAdam.

With a nod to Lanny McDonald, Babych and Snepsts rocked two of the great mustaches in league history…the trades themselves weren’t that bad, but it’s hard to part with such glamorous facial hair!

5) Rick Vaive and Bill Derlago to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Tiger Williams and Gerry Butler

For whatever reason, I remember growing up in the 80’s and knowing Vaive as one of the more popular Leafs, rightfully so when he drops three straight 50 goal seasons for the “buds” and almost cracked the 100 point mark in the 83-84 season.

Tiger on the other hand would pocket 83 goals in five years with Canucks and was better known for his time in the sin bin and riding his stick after scoring a goal. 

A fan favorite for sure, but no doubt the Canucks would have profited more from Vaive’s scoring than Williams’ sideshow antics.


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