West Coast Express: 5 Reasons to Hate the Ottawa Senators

Capital Punishment

The Canucks are in the nation’s capital on Saturday to take on the Ottawa Senators. This is just the 18th matchup ever against the Sens so you’ll be excused if you don’t recognize the team.


They used to have some good players and now they have some players that used to be good.

In preparation of Saturday’s battle, here’s five reason to impeach these Senators.

1. Wasted Talent

In 2007, a talented Ottawa Senators team made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals and lost to the Anaheim Ducks.

The team had been successful for a couple of years prior to the run and with a core of Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, and Wade Redden it was expected the would be back in the Finals soon.

It’s not exactly the same as the Canucks, but it’s close enough to serve as a cautionary tale to how fast things can change in this league.

Forget going back to the finals, the Senators have missed the playoffs twice since.

But that would never happen here, right?

2. Redden Effect

One of the main reasons for the Senators decline is the fateful decision to keep Wade Redden over Zdeno Chara.

Chara, who came over with Jason Spezza in the hilarious Alexei Yashin trade, was not resigned in 2006 to allow enough cap space to resign Wade Redden.

Chara signed with the Bruins. You may already know that.(Thanks Ottawa)

Redden meanwhile fell off the face of the earth and once blocked a trade to the San Jose Sharks, thinking he had a better chance of winning one with the Senators.

Man, no one looks smart here.

Reasons to hate Ottawa

Sit down Lucius Brutus. You aren't scaring anyone!

3. Be Careful With That Axe Eugene

The Senators are owned by Eugene Melnyk who is currently under investigation by the United States on accusations that his company Biovail Corp bribed doctors to prescribe the company’s medication and by Canada for falsifying accident reports.

He’s also known to say dumb stuff like that the Senators were “going all the way” last year and that he wants Ottawa to be the Mecca for hockey.

4. Who are they?

It seems strange but the Ottawa Senators don’t usually sell out. The problem is they have no identity in a region with the two biggest team names in the sport.

Except for a few blips of relevance, they are the forgotten ones with no history, a bleak present, and a murky future.

5. Flawed History

Finally, Ottawa’s insistence to include the 1920s version of the Ottawa Senators in their history and display Stanley Cup banners for the team is strange and needy.

It would be like the Canucks piggybacking off the Vancouver Millionares’ cup win.

But again when you have no natural history, any tenuous connection has to be jumped on.

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  • And they don’t seem to be very good at the whole “rebuild” thing, either. All the decent players they’ve traded away, and who do they have in their system now? Mika Zibanejad and…?

  • Steph Charbonneau32

    ok there those are shitty reasons to hate the team. im a sens fan and a hudge one. the rebuild thing im sorry but were doing better then everyone expected us to be doing and uhm.. even doing better then the habs so!!! yes theyve made mistakes in the trades but it happens. who cares its in the past. and our stanley cup thing well cannucks fucked up pretty damn bad to eh even worse actualy.

  • steph i’ll admit they’re not great points but you try coming up with 5 reasons to hate a team as irrelevant as ottawa

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