West Coast Express: 5 Reasons to Hate the Montreal Canadiens

Here we come Frenchies!

It’s invasion time as the Canucks hit the road to take on the Eastern Canadian teams. First up is the Montreal Canadiens.


You may think the Habs are ok because they hate the Bruins too, but make no mistake.

There are plenty of reasons to get your hate on for this game.

1. Carey Price

First off, between the pipes is BC boy Carey Price. You may already know he’s a BC boy because you may have heard it about one thousand times before and after every meeting with the Canucks.

The media loves BC boy Carey Price. The media talks about Carey Price like your mother talks about that really nice girl who used to live down the street that would be perfect for you if you would just stop seeing that unpredictable Italian.

Look Ma, it’s not gonna happen. Drop it.

2 Rollie The Goalie

Speaking of Roberto Luongo, his current goaltending coach is Rollie Melanson. Rollie was hired from the Habs 2 summers ago.

When Rollie was coaching Carey Price he was a talented yet struggling goalie.

Now Rollie is gone and Price is breaking out.

Reasons to Hate The Montreal Canadiens

There are plenty of reasons to get your hate on for this game.

Luongo meanwhile is a…talented yet struggling goalie. Did we keep the receipt on this guy?

3 Subban!

The Canadiens also employ a polarizing figure named P.K. Subban. It’s simple, you either love this guy or hate this guy.

And a good portion of the league hates him for his diving showboating ways.

He’s young, he’s cocky, and he’s got the talent to back it up. You’d also love to have him as a Canuck.

4. They Can’t Score!

I hope you like defensive hockey. The Habs team is basically Carey Price and 18 Guys Who Block Shots for Carey Price.

They can’t score more than a couple goals a game so they don’t even try really. It’s not hockey so much as attrition. It’s all you can do when $7.35 mill is tied up in paying Scott Gomez to play hockey part-time.

It’s rope-a-dope on ice, and it’s extra frustrating when you’re the one pounding away and they won’t go down.

5. Poutine!

Finally let’s hate the Habs because they riot and get away with it. After winning in the first round.

Where was the moral outrage and tongue lashing? Where was the condemnation of city and team?

I guess winning 24 cups gets you a free pass or something.

And that’s another thing, they have 24 cups.

That’s not fair.

I want one.

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  • Anon

    Funny post, but #5… srsly?

  • I’m a habs fan and i agree with most of them but RIOT come on ?  Vancouver are pretty good in this field too 😛

  • CanucksNoob

    Some guy from Vancouver bitchin about riots.

  • Iceland

    Vancouver riots after game 7s of the CUP FINALS (’94, ’11), not after winning in the first round LOL

    • Iceland

      Ment to say “At least Vancouver riots after…” etc blah blah etc

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