Top 5 Vancouver Canucks Goons and Ghouls

Scary Nucks

The witching season is just under two weeks away, a night when all the little monsters patrol the neighbourhood in search of sugary loot!

With that being said, I thought it would be fitting to take a look at the top Vancouver Canucks all time favorite scariest.


For sake of creativity, the Stanley Cup riots and the Bertuzzi event were left on the cutting room floor.

1. Dave “Tiger” Williams

Before Eldrick, the most well known “Tiger” moniker, at least on the West Coast, belonged to David James Williams. In fourteen NHL seasons from 74/75-87/88, Williams tallied a whooping 3966 minutes in the sin bin.

In his first full season with the ‘Nucks, Tiger proved to be a lover as much as a fighter as he tallied a team high 35 goals and found himself in the league spotlight as he suited up in the 80/81 All Star Game alongside of Mike Bossy and the Great One.

Tiger will forever be remembered celebrating his goals in unique fashion as he road his stick down the ice after putting the biscuit in the basket.

2. Gino Odjick

Best known during his NHL career for his time with the Canucks 90/91-97/98, the “Algonquin Assassin” put fear into not only opponents who dared target his little buddy Pavel, but also the camera (Gino was certainly not the prettiest guy in the media guide).

Sitting among the top twenty in penalty minutes, Gino received the same level of love from the fans and media that Tiger had years before.

Tiger Williams

Tiger Williams will forever be remembered

Chants of “GINO, GINO, GINO” can still be heard deep in the stands of Rogers Arena, acknowledging one of the most beloved players, off and on the ice, in Vancouver Canucks hockey history.

3. V Jersey (1978-1985)

The mustard yellow “V” jerseys that the Canucks rocked for seven years in front of the road crowd certainly did not lead any fans throughout the NHL to the pro-shops to purchase one of the most hideous jerseys in hockey history.

With all consideration towards Halloween, the home black with orange and yellow “V” or the road yellow with black and orange “V” was scary sight for any hockey fan.

4. Gary Bromley’s goalie mask (1980-81)

Over the course of his short NHL career with the Buffalo Sabers and the Vancouver Canucks, Bromley’s on ice impact was known more for what he was wearing, rather than for his play. Known as “Bones” due to his slight frame, Bromley’s skull mask (along with the horrendous “V” jersey) would make a great October 31st costume for any hockey fan.

5.  Green Men

These two fall more into the category of Casper the Friendly Ghost, than they do goons and ghouls, but they are certainly fitting of the Halloween theme.

Since 2009, Force and Sully have made increasing appearances at GM Place supporting the Canucks, rallying fans and humorously irritating visitors to the opponents sin bin.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Men in Green wannabes have popped up around town in numerous places (morning rush hour) and in a multiple of different colors in Chicago, Nashville and San Jose.

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