Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Canucks Rants and Raves

Holiday Rant

Happy Boxing Day! To celebrate this holiday season, I’m forgoing my usual rant and instead sending good wishes and reminders to those who deserve them.

To the Canucks – thank you for being such a great hockey team. After cheering for so many teams that weren’t very good and never came close, it’s nice to have a team that will regularly compete for the cup.

More importantly, thanks for being so great to the Vancouver community. This group of players has made a lot of contributions to the community through charitable appearances and donations.

Thank you for doing more than just collecting a paycheck, and caring about the community you are a part of.

To the fans – thank you for loving hockey so much. By consuming the Canucks and hockey in such a compulsive manner (I mean this in the best way possible, I do the same thing), you give writers like me an opportunity to show off my writing and make a little money for talking about something I love.

To the NHL, thank you for developing a great brand and continuing to promote it so that hockey evolves and grows.

Canucks Rant

Special Holiday Hockey Rant

This sport is beautiful to watch, and I’m glad I’ve spent so many hours witnessing such an enjoyable activity.

Lastly, a reminder to Vancouver fans.

This year, we embarrassed ourselves with riots when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.

Ironically, this year’s Person of the Year was “The Protestor”, which was celebrating those brave people all over the world who protested against tyranny and a lack of freedom in their lives.

We are so fortunate that we don’t have to worry about those problems.

Where we live we have enough freedom that we can protest about a simple sporting event without deadly repercussions.

We are all so blessed, and we should learn to recognize that this Christmas.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and not to fear, my regular rant will be back in a few days time!


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