10 things for Vancouver Canucks fans to do during the NHL lockout

Locked out BUT not Locked Down

For the third time within the past twenty years, the NHL will start the season with players locked out of their respective arenas.  As of September 15, 2012, the current NHL agreement expires and currently the two sides are miles apart in agreeing to what they feel is fair.

Many feel that with the NFL starting this week, the MLB playoffs and the upcoming NBA season that there isn’t a great desire to see the NHL get underway (at least south of the border) until after Christmas. 

So with that being said, for the next couple of months, it looks as though fans of the Vancouver Canucks will need something to keep their minds occupied.

Support your local WHL or minor hockey league teams

The Vancouver Giants, Abbotsford Heat, Seattle Thunderbirds and Portland Winter Hawks (to name but a few) have the stars of tomorrow playing for the love of the game, not the all mighty dollar.

Canucks Garage Door

Locked out BUT not Locked Down, so Canucks players clean out your garage! (Photo

Clean the garage

If you put it off this long, chances are you could stretch it out to last the duration of the lockout, box by box.

Follow one of the other Northwest professional sports teams

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to be a team capable of contending for a playoff seed.  The BC Lions are sitting on top of the Western Conference in the CFL.

Unfortunately for Seattle Mariners fans, their baseball club has turned it around this season, however it’s too little far too late.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is released this fall…

Speaking of gaming NHL 13 is soon to hit the shelves…

Vancouver’s own and game developer Sean Ramjagsingh has been all over North America pushing EA’s latest release.  Forget Bettman, create your own league without the financial headaches!

Perfect your swing

Golf on the West Coast can be played up until late October, with many playing year around depending on the rain.

When you consider how many hours are spent following the Canucks (games, reading the newspaper, listening to sport radio), if you put in half that amount of time into your golf game, come next summer, your handicap could easily be 5-10 strokes better.

Fantasy Football!

If you’re going to be a couch potato watching hockey, chances are you could easily morph into an internet junkie and spend the same number of hours honing your GM skills with the pigskin.  Unfortunately for BC Lions fans, there aren’t many CFL fantasy leagues out there.


With three hours every Monday night, two hours on Fridays and a three hour PPV every month, minus the pucks, pads, skates and ice, it’s pretty close to hockey.

Grouse Grind

The wobbly pops at the top of the Grouse Grind are well worth the wait. (Photo Credit: Fort Nucks)

You have your superstars (John Cena/Sidney Crosby), bad guys that the fans love (CM Punk/Alex Ovechkin), over the top managers (Paul Heymen/Brian Burke), superstars past their prime, but can still produce every now and then (HHH/Joe Thornton) and under appreciated divas (Natalya Neidhart/Roberto Luongo).

Grouse Grind

Spend time and energy bettering your health and your time on Vancouver’s favorite outdoor workout trail.  If you bring a couple of buddies, the wobbly pops at the top are well worth the wait.

Hikers will have to hit the trail in the next couple of weeks if they plan on running, but with the snowshoe grind that was built last year, it has become a year around destination.

Read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy

If you are still clueless as to what got your wife/girlfriend/girl next door etc. all hot and bothered this summer, maybe take a chance and pick up the threesome of books.

What might be the best idea of them all…

Bring back true street hockey games.

No more going to the community centre hockey boxes, grab a couple of jackets or milk crates, a tennis ball or hockey ball, some sort of foam and shoe strings for goalie pads, anywhere between 8-10 guys/neighbours/etc.  throw your sticks in a pile and away you go.



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