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We love our writers, WE love our Bloggers! WE LOVE NORTHWEST SPORTS!

We love what we write about.

Our mission

To keep on experimenting, learning, and growing the NWSB via Online and Offline marketing methods and make it one of the BIGGEST and most popular North West sports networks and fan hubs!

We have SEO experts on staff, and via SOCIAL Media and standard SEO practices expect our traffic goals to be met – sooner rather than later!

We want our bloggers and forum community members to focus on Northwest sports and ONLY Northwest sports.

We encourage all our loyal fans to discuss the topics they’re passionate about in the NWSB Message Boards

We offer areas of the site that cover ALL the popular PRO and Amateur sports teams in the NW – this we feel sets us apart and makes us a distinct Northwest sport-specific site.

WE hope to grow this site from a small 25 page site in 2011 to 10’s of 1000’s of pages in a few short years!

With a staff of more than 5 editors already, plus a few more die-hard stats guru’s and researchers and contributors, we figure can one day become an essential surfing/browsing location for all NW sports fans.

We plan to cover Seahawks, Mariners, Canucks, Sounders, Whitecaps, BC Lions, Timbers, Trailblazers, WHL NW Teams, Storm, Canadians, Rainiers, UW Hoops and Football, WSU Hoops and football, Oregon Hoops and football, OSU hoops and football, and even some Sonics and Van. Grizzlies stuff. Plus NW athletes will be covered.

We’ve already had request for Gonzaga, Seattle U, and Boise State to be included, in time we hope to add these schools as well! Just Wait!

Anyhow enough about us!

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